• Neil Winokur @Robert Mann

    The formal elegance of a sugar cone. Neil Winokur in the I Scream, You Scream group show at Robert Mann Gallery.

  • Ezra Stoller @Yossi Milo

    Flattening the layers of planes in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. Ezra Stoller at Yossi Milo Gallery.

  • Micah Lexier @Jack Shainman

    A human taxonomy of ten years of elapsed time. Micah Lexier in The Coffins of Paa Joe and the Pursuit of Happiness group show at Jack Shainman Gallery.

  • Tobias Zielony @Andrew Kreps

    Seductive light and shimmery lip gloss. Tobias Zielony in the I Plan to Stay a Believer group show at Andrew Kreps Gallery.

  • Jill Magid @Marlborough Contemporary

    The view from an MTA platform box. Jill Magid in the FEEDBACK group show at Marlborough Contemporary.

  • Laurie Anderson @Marlborough Contemporary

    Reversing catcalls with photographs. Laurie Anderson in the FEEDBACK group show at Marlborough Contemporary.

  • Hans Haacke @PPOW

    Turning the stars and stripes into a torture hood. Hans Haacke in the Visual Notes for an Upside-Down World group show at PPOW Gallery.

  • Lauren Semivan @Benrubi

    Expressive textural arcs of paint, chalk, and string. Lauren Semivan at Benrubi Gallery.

  • Fons Iannelli @Steven Kasher

    The tender, broken-fingered embrace of a WWII serviceman. Fons Iannelli at Steven Kasher Gallery.

  • Ferdinand Kriwet @Luhring Augustine

    All-over patterns in 1972 election coverage. Ferdinand Kriwet at Luhring Augustine.

  • Romare Bearden @DC Moore

    Collaging together the Garden of Eden. Romare Bearden in the Summer Mysterious group show at DC Moore Gallery.

  • Chen Wei @Metro Pictures

    The dark surreal glow of a broken lightbox. Chen Wei in the A New Ballardian Vision group show at Metro Pictures.

  • Pixy Liao @Metro Pictures

    Zipped into an enveloping dress for two. Pixy Liao in the A New Ballardian Vision group show at Metro Pictures.

  • Cindy Sherman @Metro Pictures

    A women’s suit in the dsytopian dust of technology. Cindy Sherman in the A New Ballardian Vision group show at Metro Pictures.

  • Anne Collier @Gladstone

    Layering questions on questions. Anne Collier in the Lyric on a Battlefield group show at Gladstone Gallery.

  • Jerome Sessini @Milk

    Blessing the barricades in Ukraine. Jerome Sessini in the Magnum Photos Protest! group show at Milk Gallery.

  • Brian Buckley @ClampArt

    Cyanotype octopus suckers like eyeballs. Brian Buckley at ClampArt.

  • Susan Weil @Sundaram Tagore

    The tumbling tabletop interplay of artistic materials. Susan Weil at Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

  • Mehryl Levisse @Catinca Tabacaru

    Self-portrait on a bed of mussel shells. Mehryl Levisse at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery.

  • June Yong Lee @Invisible-Exports

    The tactile details of digitally unwrapped skin. June Yong Lee in the Cheap Suitcase group show at Invisible-Exports.